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2012-03-08 13:14:06 by flyingmonkey456

So apparently my profile picture has decided to go AWOL. I log in one day and it's gone. I needed a new one anyway. :P

Go check out the latest reincarnation game (and click the ads a few times, too) :D

Reincarnation: In the Name of Evil!

2010-06-15 15:51:14 by flyingmonkey456

My second game, Reincarnation: ITNOE, has just been submitted. Make sure you five it. ;D

First Game: Reincarnation AHH

2010-05-03 20:28:13 by flyingmonkey456

I just finished a game with Chris Gianelloni, better known as lilg and even better known as that guy who makes the Reincarnation series. You can find it here. Make sure you five it!

P.S. This isn't my first game, just my first submitted game :P

IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-12-30 22:03:25 by flyingmonkey456

Thank you Replaying :The Game:, my medal points are now OVER 9000!!!!!!! Everyone stare in awe at my super crazy, enormously massive, gigantic, jaw-dropping, elephantine penis. I mean score.

There seems to be a panel on the front page that says "new from egoraptor". Apparently egoraptor gets his own front page spot for nobody else but him. I want one :P

I Am T3h Musicianz

2009-09-05 19:16:09 by flyingmonkey456

I downloaded Fruity Loops about a month ago and I've been playing around with it a bit. After two weeks of waiting for my first song to be approved, I've submitted another one and am currently writing a few more. Please check them out and keep your eyes peeled for more. Please don't literally peel your eyes, I would have to feel responsible for your blindness. I don't want to make you lose your hearing AND sight.

I know Eye of Ra isn't that good, I didn't want to submit one of my better songs if it was never going to be seen on the front page of the AP. It was good enough to get past the mods, and that's all I needed :P

The new Reemus adventure is on the front page three times

2009-07-03 22:55:29 by flyingmonkey456

This is ridiculous. I can understand this game being in the featured games box. I can even understand it being included in Tom's latest news post, but a THIRD front page??? It's not even like it's three little bitty pictures, it's two pictures, one being personally recommended by tom, and a gigantic banner with the name of the game and a picture. At least take it out of the featured games box and give the spot to another game. Oh, and how long will this be up there like this? I don't think one game deserves to have 80% of the front page to itself for more than 3 days. That spot should be for game of the week or something really special like that, not Tom's personal favorite game.

EDIT: It's up to 4 now, it's in a game of the week slot at the bottom...

EDITx2: Now William and Sly is on the front page four times. same spots as Remus. This is ridiculous, no game needs this much exposure.


2009-06-30 03:02:59 by flyingmonkey456

I've recently discovered a program called ArtRage 2 which uses very realistic tools combined with the ease of drawing on a computer to let me draw stuff! I'm currently working on several things, among them are a knight fighting a troll and a space ninja killing a robot. The picture i have up right now isn't that good, but that's only because of the background. Without the background it's "unfinished" and i get descouted(it's happened before :/). Well, you have those to look forward to! I've got to get to 4 submissions before one of the 5 people who cares finds my art and descouts me.

EDIT: I'm descouted and have taken the art that I had up down. I'll finish those two things I mentioned above eventually, but I'm busy for now.

The Power of Three

2009-05-17 12:49:06 by flyingmonkey456

Me, Vitty, and JinNJuice are all working together on an rpg to submit for the Power of Three event. I'll be doing the code, Vitty will be doing the art, and JinNJuice will be making the music and sound effects. In the game, your planet gets destroyed and you go on a quest to find and kill whoever did it. You travel to three different planets, fighting off hordes of enemies, getting new weapons and armor, and finally fighting the boss, then going to the next planet, then the next until you defeat all three bosses. I've submitted the team and the idea to Tom and am currently waiting on a reply.

EDIT: We were accepted! We're a ways down the list, but you can find us here.

The Power of Three